Train better, ride faster!

Download free strength workout for MTB, Enduro, DH

MTB is a very complex discipline and each type of MTB requires good strength and fitness preparation. In this free training session, you’ll see what guides our choice of exercises and training methods so that you can improve your performance on the bike – whether you ride Enduro, Downhill or XC. Download and test it on yourself!


If you care about:

  • improve your physical fitness
  • transfer of training to MTB riding skills
  • riding all day without pain or breathlessness
  • reducing the risk of injury
  • better performance in competitions

Then this training is for you!



  1. Introduction
  2. Re-definition of strength and conditioning in MTB
  3. Requirements analysis in MTB
  4. Description of the training
  5. An example of a Gym and Home version of strength training that anyone can do

Artur Hryszko

Founder of the Train For Skills project. Strength and conditioning coach accredited by NCSC and ASCA L1. Artur has many years of experience in DH and Enduro and is a two-time Downhill National Champion. For the past 6 years, he has been guiding riders and bike enthusiasts who want to take care of their health, ride faster and achieve better results. With a free sample of strength training, Arthur will help you understand even better what strength and conditioning is in MTB.