Individual Training Program



Sports discipline is one thing, and individual needs are another. For those who need more attention and customized solutions, we offer individual training cooperation. This form of training can be compared to a tailor-made suit. We start with a consultation and select the best solutions for your time and physical capabilities.

Who is it for?

For anyone who needs individualized training to suit their needs and their schedule.

Do you have incomplete training equipment at your disposal and want to use it? We will make a dedicated plan for you with what you have.

Don’t have regular working hours and don’t know how to schedule your workouts? We can help you embrace it.

Just want a better relationship with your coach and need more attention than in a group program? Individual cooperation is the ideal solution.


A personalized approach

Based on an interview and consultation, we arrange workouts tailored to your needs. This is the fastest way to go faster and better.

Coach's care

During the course of cooperation, you can count on the constant assistance of a our S&C coach. We will dispel your doubts, answer all your questions and help you achieve your goal as soon as possible.

Training program

We will adjust the training plan to your schedule. Depending on what you need, you can count on strength workouts, endurance workouts, corrective training or mobility & stretching.


Enjoy the effects of your workout while riding MTB. No more pain in arms and legs, shortness of breath and other limitations that have prevented you from going faster, better and longer.

How does it work?

1. Choose the individual training program type that suits you best

2 Fill out the training form you received and perform functional and fitness tests

3. We will contact you to establish a plan of action and how to achieve your goals as soon as possible

4. Follow the program

5 . Enjoy the ride without limits and improve your results!

As part of the individual training program, you’ll get access to a workout app where you can find your workouts, show videos, and keep a workout notes. Thank to this your coach will see everything in real time.


Artur adjusted the training plan to my requirements. His workouts are not boring and most of all they give a big progress. Contact with Artur is very good and his knowledge gave me 100% confidence. I recommend Artur to everyone who wants to train and ride faster!

Slawomir Lukasik


I will not write long. Artur is a person with great experience and knowledge, which guaranteed me a very fast progress in training. His ambition and passion with which he approaches it makes miracles. I recommend Artur to all competitors and amateurs!

Damian Konstanty

Gravity Revolt / Downhill

Artur is a great coach, who treats each of his charges individually, with passion and understanding. You can always count on his support and advice in case of any doubts. I have been working with TFS since October 2018 and I am very satisfied. I would recommend Train For Skills to anyone who wants to raise their athletic level!

Patryk Pastusiak

DH Private Rider

Very professional and individual approach to training and full consultation before creating a program. Arthur has a really great and universal knowledge about the selection of exercises and techniques and methods that help increase the effectiveness of training. I will definitely continue to use his advice!

Krzysztof Palys

Enduro Private Rider


Proper nutrition is one of the key elements that will accelerate your training results. That’s why by starting training with us, you will receive a free Ebook on how to calculate your caloric needs, macronutrient distribution, the effect of foods on your performance, and what meals to eat for better results.

The price of the Ebook outside the cooperation is 25 euro, but by joining the program you will receive it free of charge.


By joining us, you get access to a private Facebook group that is exclusively for our mentees. You will find there a lot of useful tips, support from other trainers and of course my help. You will see how many of us there are and how training has helped many athletes.

Joining a group outside the program is not possible.

Join now!

Whether you’re a pro racer or an ambitious amateur, time is of the essence for all of us. For this reason, our training programs fit perfectly into your schedule and lifestyle. Rather than “No pain, no gain” every workout, we train effectively and smartly, so you avoid fatigue and spend more time on the bike.

Choose your program

The price for an individual training program and guidance with Head Coach Artur Hryszko is agreed individually. Ask about the price HERE.

Do you have a question?

Still not sure what plan to choose? We design our training so that you can be a better rider. In addition, if you find that the training does not meet your requirements and you do not see results, we will refund the entire cost. If you have any questions, write to us or take a look at the FAQ and find the answer to your question.

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