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Movement patterns

Movement patterns have become the foundation in shaping strength abilities in motor training. They are the foundation in exercise programming. They allow us to focus on movements that are functional in life and sport.

What are movement patterns?

Movement patterns are a classification of exercises based on the biomechanics of movement. The distinguishing features of each pattern are:

  1. Dominant lever of movement e.g.: 
  • Deadlift – hip work “hip dominant”
  • Squat – knee dominant
  1. Track of the performed movement e.g.:
  • Pull Ups – vertical pull “vertical pull”
  • Dumbbell Row – horizontal pull
  • Bench Press – horizontal push

Division of movement patterns

In different literature or articles of other trainers you can meet with different division. However, the scheme below I checked and use in my work with clients:

  1. Knee dominant
  2. Hip dominant
  3. Push
  4. Pull
  5. Rotation
  6. Anti-rotation
  7. Anti-flexion
  8. Locomotion including Carry

This is a simple pattern classification, but training programming takes additional consideration:

  • the dynamics of the movement: static or dynamic exercise
  • unilateral movements (e.g. single leg) and bilateral movements (e.g. double leg)
  • direction and plane of movement: linear, lateral, vertical, horizontal
  • rotational and antireturn movement
  • global movement
  • type of muscle work: eccentric, concentric, isometric

Thanks to the movement patterns we are able to create a training specific for a given sport discipline. For this we need the correct interpretation of the requirements of the sport. On the basis of movement patterns we can design a training periodization.

“When training muscles we forget about movement, but when training movement we never forget about muscles”.

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