PAP – Post Activation Potentiation

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Much has been discovered in the scientific world of training. One mechanism that is worth noting is PAP, or Post Activation Potentiation. Potentiating the effect during the main task is possible, while the ways to get to this effect are many.

Some time ago I had the pleasure to be a guest with Tomek Olchawa in his podcast“more than training“, where we talked about what PAP is and how it is used in sports. I invite you to listen to it!




In our conversation, we mainly took on the PAP phenomenon and managed to discuss the following issues:

  1. What is a PAP?
  2. What does the science say about this?
  3. What mechanisms are responsible for the PAP?
  4. How do you find the optimum of arousal?
  5. Time frame, or how long does the effect last?
  6. Variables to consider when you want to achieve PAP
  7. Practical tips
  8. Applying knowledge and simple tips.
  9. Arthur’s thesis research on PAP
  10. Motor preparation in … downhill cycling, or Arthur’s horse.
  11. Discuss the weaknesses of downhill riders
  12. Recommended books and training


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