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TFS Sports Diagnostics

With advanced diagnostics, we are able to conduct a complete analysis of the human body’s performance. We identify and eliminate limitations in the body’s 3 main systems: cardiovascular, respiratory and metabolic. Diagnostics will allow you to choose the fastest strategy to achieve your sports, body shape or health goals.

Who is diagnostics for?

For anyone who:

  • wants to thoroughly examine the fitness of his body
  • wants to improve his condition
  • gets tired quickly and doesn’t know why
  • trains X years, but sees no progress
  • tries to lose excess weight in vain
  • wants to rely on real data during training and not train “by feel”
  • would like to set adequate training zones for their capabilities
  • wants to change its diet based on the actual condition and functioning of the body

Why is it important to do the research?

Modern technology

We perform diagnostics and capacity tests on modern PNOE brand equipment that meets all medical standards

Training optimization

Thanks to extensive analysis and identification of the body’s limitations, we are able to choose the right training strategy to achieve the desired goal

Health and fitness assessment

After the tests, you get a full picture of the level of cardiovascular, respiratory and metabolic functions with their analysis


With accurate diagnostics and a training strategy tailored to the results, achieving your goal is just a matter of time

BMR test

BMR test – a study of resting metabolism and energy substrate utilization at rest.

This test is the “gold standard” in assessing human metabolism. The test is performed by indirect calorimetry during which the analysis of respiratory gases takes place.

After the survey, we analyze the data and provide it to you in the form of a report containing:

  • what is your daily energy requirement
  • how many calories you burn at rest
  • the effectiveness of your breathing
  • How efficiently your body uses fats at rest
  • What is a limitation and how to improve it

Performance test

Fitness testing is the evaluation and analysis of three major systems in the body:

  1. Cardiovascular system (aerobic and cardiovascular fitness)
  2. Respiratory system (respiratory capacity, respiratory efficiency, effect of breathing on cognitive processes and body stabilization)
  3. Metabolic system (fat burning efficiency, metabolic efficiency, mechanical efficiency)

After the test, you will know how much energy (calories) you expend at a given intensity and at what point in the exercise you burn the most fat.

The report will give you information on metabolic thresholds, VO2max, training zones and recovery levels.


Choose a study for yourself

Do you have a question?

Still not sure what plan to choose? We design our training so that you can be a better rider. In addition, if you find that the training does not meet your requirements and you do not see results, we will refund the entire cost. If you have any questions, write to us or take a look at the FAQ and find the answer to your question.

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