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How does Train For Skills work?

The goal of Train For Skills training programs is to improve fitness and performance for MTB, DH and Enduro riders. By choosing one of our program, you get access to training tailored to your mtb discipline. You will be able to access the training program through mobile app on your and on your computer.

Which training program to choose?

Start by asking yourself what discipline is your priority and choose the right one. If you are doing more than one discipline for eg. Downhill and Enduro then choose the one that prepares you for longer efforts – in this case it is the TFS Enduro. On the other hand, if you have non-standard needs and would like more attention from the coach, choose an individual program.

What do I get in the training program?

By choosing TFS Downhill or TFS Enduro, you will get access to a training program tailored to your mtb discipline. We create each program according to a 4-week periodization cycle, which means that you get a new program every month. On the other hand, every week we update the workouts and adjust the number of sets and reps so that you can make rapid progress.

You will be able to access your workouts through mobile app on and computer. Each workout includes a detailed description and demonstration videos for each exercise so you don’t have to wonder if you’re doing it right.

As part of each program (TFS Enduro and TFS Downhill), you get: fitness tests and tips on how to improve weaknesses, strength workouts at home and in the gym, endurance workouts and mobility sessions.

During the program, you can contact with coach and count on our help.


What does it need for training?

With the TFS Downhill and TFS Enduro programs, you get 2 versions of strength training: at the gym and at home. You decide which program you will follow. You can stick to one of them or mix it up during the week. At the gym, we use basic equipment such as barbells, dumbbells or kettlebells, bar, box, gymnastic rings or TRX. In contrast, you don’t need any equipment to train at home. You will do most of the exercises with just your own body weight, but additional accessories like resistance bands, dumbbells or a bar are welcome 🙂


We prescribe endurance workouts with the bike (road/enduro) or bike trainer in mind. An alternative option is running.


Won't the training sessions be too difficult?

It is possible to scale the level of exercise in each workout. If you find that you are unable to perform a movement, you can use an alternative exercise. As a result, we are sure that everyone will benefit from the training regardless of their level.


Can I train at home?

In each program you get workouts for the gym and home. Workouts at home do not require any equipment, but additional equipment like dumbbells, a bar and resistance bands will be welcome.


How do I cancel my subscriptions?

You can cancel your subscription at any time by logging into “My Account”. On this page you will see the programs you currently have purchased and can fully manage them, simply and conveniently. If you decide that for some reason Train For Skills is not for you you can unsubscribe the same day in seconds.


Is there a possibility of individual training cooperation?

Yes. We undertake 1-on-1 cooperation with anyone we feel needs one. Then everything is discussed individually.


Who is Train For Skills?

Team TFS is a group of specialists in their field. The creator and head coach of TFS is Artur Hryszko, a certified Strength & Conditioning coach and experienced MTB athlete. The arrangement of dietary plans is handled by Dieticians, our partners and friends. Helping with the process of returning to sports and rehabilitation is physiotherapist Filip Koc.


Why do I need to plug in my card?

The TFS Enduro and TFS Downhill programs operate on a subscription basis, where you must pay by card when ordering. This means that payment will be made automatically and you will receive training faster. You don’t have to fear anything. You can unsubscribe at any time in your account. Your data is not stored or made visible.

Where is the TFS headquarters located?

Our headquarters are located in Rzeszow at the sports club in Teho Sport. Here we do Strength & Conditioning workouts and prepare training programs that can be used anywhere in the world by you.

Our address:

Trzebownisko 928b

36-001 Trzebownisko

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