Improve your grip and ride without limits!

Ride without hand pain for as long as you like

Did you know that more than 80% of MTB riders report that their biggest limitation while riding is pain in their hands, fingers and forearms? That unbearable discomfort you feel when riding hard makes you have to slow down or stop. I used to struggle with this myself and now I will tell you how to improve it.

This Ebook is for you if:

✔️ You struggle with pain in your hands, fingers or forearms while riding

✔️ Tired of stopping to rest

✔️ Want to ride long and fast without physical limitations

✔️ You have tried many methods and still have a problem with hand pain or forearm pump

✔️ You need proven tools that will solve the problem once and for all.

✔️ You want ready-made solutions from a trusted source

3 secrets of grip strength training

1. Training each type of grip – in order for your training to be effective you must include all types of grip. In the book I describe all the effective variants and show specific exercises for each of them.

2. Taking into account the specificity of MTB – mountain biking is a specific sport that requires a non-standard body position and a high level of endurance. Classic grip exercises may not work here. In the ebook, I will present proven methods of grip training specific to MTB.

3. Complementary exercises – grip training goes far beyond holding weights in the hands or hanging on a bar. Complementary exercises are necessary for structural balance and long-term training.

The knowledge contained in the book is based on more than 10 years of experience in MTB and coaching practice with top riders in Poland and Europe.


Imagine being able to ride all day without hand or finger pain. You can go down a 10-minute track and still have control of the wheel!

That is the purpose of this book. Give you the tools to make sore hands and “pumped up” forearms no longer a problem.

Grip strength and endurance in MTB is a topic I’ve been working on for more than 10 years. I have yet to meet anyone who hasn’t had trouble with it. Especially at the beginning of your Enduro or DH adventure. I myself struggled with this for a long time, but as I found out later, it can be trained.

Knowledge and experience allowed me to see what really works and translates into improved grip strength. Classic grip strength exercises found on the Internet will not pass the test here.

In the book, I describe from the inside out all the proven methods and tools that you can use directly today.

Interactive form of the ebook

The ebook is more than 80 pages written in a very comfortable reading format. Each chapter includes relevant graphics so that you can better understand and imagine what is being discussed. In addition, in each section of the book there are so-called “clouds,” which are short summaries with the most important information. They allow you to expressly refresh its content and easily find the information you are interested in. In addition to photos and graphics, each exercise in the book is accompanied by a demonstration video so you will have no doubts about how to perform the exercises.


  1. The importance of grip strength
    1. Grip strength and health
    2. Grip strength and MTB skills
  2. Explanation of terms
    1. Grip strength
    2. Grip endurance
    3. “Arm pump”
  3. Research review
  4. Grip anatomy
    1. Structure of the forearm
    2. Hand construction
  5. Muscle physiology
    1. Types of muscle fibers
    2. Types of muscle contraction
  6. Bodybuilding vs sport
    1. Hypertrophy
    2. MTB specifics
  7. Grip training
    1. Types of grip
    2. “Crush-To-Dust Cube” model
    3. Supplementary exercises
  8. Programming grip strength training
  9. How to measure grip strength
    1. Test exercises
    2. Hand dynamometer
    3. House weight
  10. Training program
    1. Complete training program
    2. Training sets
  11. What’s next?
  12. Bibliography


Proper nutrition is one of the key elements that will accelerate your training results. That’s why, when you buy our product, you will receive a free Ebook with information on how to calculate your caloric needs, macronutrient distribution, the effect of foods on your performance, and which meals to eat for better results.

The price for the “Nutrition Guide” is 25 euro, but by purchasing the Ebook you will receive it for free.


Along with the Ebook, you will receive a training program aimed at improving grip strength and endurance in MTB. You will get the training plan in 2 versions:


  • A complete training program that includes grip exercises. The plan is built from 3 units of FBW workouts including warm-up, main training and stretching.
  • Training sets that focus on grip strength and endurance that you can add to your workouts. These training sets are divided into 3 levels, and each contains 6 mini-workouts. A total of 18 workouts.

*To receive the treing program, select the Ebook options with the training program.


When you buy the Ebook – grip training in MTB, you will get access to a private Facebook group, which is exclusively for our clients. You’ll find a ton of useful tips, support from other trainers and, of course, help from TFS coach. You will see how many of us there are and how training has helped many athletes.

Joining the group for outsiders is impossible.


We guarantee 100% satisfaction or your money back. If you decide that the Ebook is not worth the price then we will refund your money no questions asked. Deal?


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