Strength training in endurance sports

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Strength training in endurance sports – PODCAST

Strength training in endurance sports is a very interesting topic.  There are many myths about it. For this reason, together with Tomek Hruswicki in his podcast (@tomasz.hruswicki) we are dispelling all the doubts. I invite you to listen to the conversation!

From the podcast you will learn:

✔️ Why is it important to strength train in endurance sports?

✔️ How to do strength training when you have a lot of time to train, and how to train when you are short of time?

✔️ How to start strength training in endurance sports?

✔️ What to watch out for when combining strength and endurance training?

✔️ How does strength affect the power generated?

✔️ Why should you avoid circus exercises?

..and debunk the most common myths about strength in endurance sports.

I invite you to listen to the podcast  🎧

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